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Welcome To Aquam Spa

We, Aquam The Wellness Spa, situated at Edapally, Ernakulam, Kerala offer a variety of salon services. Our salon consists of wonderful, highly trained and friendly staff waiting to pamper you as you visit for any of our fabulous services to enrich your senses and de-stress your mind, body and soul. Our welcoming staff and peaceful environment ensures that our customers are able to relax for few hours, away from hustle and bustle of the life.

Expert Therapists

When you need answers, Best therapists can help.

Latest Technology

These treatments use the latest spa technology.

Certified Spa

This spa is certified by health and safety department.

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Easy to Booking your appointment for Aquam Spa.

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Deliver Top Class Treatments In A Relaxing Environment.

Our Services

Our runway experts have curated some of the most popular services at Aquam Spa, just for you.

Health & Wellness

We ensures health and wellness for every valuable customers at affordable rates.

Spa Treatments

Our spa treatments are the best approach and treatment...

Massage Services

A massage of your choice to give you a world-class spa experience...

Hands & Feet

Hands & Feet care strives to give you the relaxation that you need...

Skin Services

A bespoke selection of products, aroma therapeutic oils and techniques...

Body Rejuvenation

Our world class spa experience not only rejuvenate the body but also the inner soul..

Our Feature

Aquam Spa & Wellness will experience and enjoy your Spa treatment together in our couples' treatment room.

Health and wellness spa in Kochi
Experienced Staff

Aquam Spa: Great, relaxing spa with experienced and friendly staff.

Provide option and time

Book online Aquam spa & wellness packages with the best price, We are provide you with the best experience.

beautyfull interior design

SPA is not just a treatment process or space, it’s a lot more than even the sum of two.

Fully airconditional environment

Both industrial refrigeration and air-conditioning are based on the same ... between the indoor environments.


Our Blog

Our latest post we uncover how a hammam treatment provides a deeply invigorating experience, that differs from other therapies.

Couple massage in Kochi
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Body Massage Centers in Kochi
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Body Massage Centers in Kochi
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Massage Techniques Include Acupressure, Skin Rolling And Flicking

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